I craft blogs and articles which use laughter and valuable information to delight your readers. My experience includes adding humor and quality information to such diverse topics as supply chain management, strategic sourcing, manufacturing, software apps, household piping, pearl jewelry, information technology, and logistics blogs. My serial humor appears on Channillo  and Medium

My style is personable  and original. I focus on writing good stuff, not fluff! I research material, design headlines to draw clicks, and add amusing visuals.  My client list includes Janus Networks and I'm Health Editor for Women of Wisdom magazine. 

Recently, I've written articles on Covid-19 testing, elderberries, vegan wine, and Astrology. My background in biotechnology and medical technology makes me a perfect fit for medical related articles of all types. My fascination with technology leads me to write about AI and blockchain. 

Is your website information on the dry side?  A slideshow video with voice over can engage your website visitors.  It's a quick way to boost your website or landing page visits! Get the information across with my pleasant voice and fun visuals. It's less expensive and much quicker to produce than hiring a videographer. There's no hassle with a film crew occupying your business for several hours. 

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