Your content deserves a mature female voice provided by a well-seasoned professional. Simplify your process by working with one actor who can voice multiple characters and get it right in minimal takes. Let me bring your carefully crafted business content to life!

My knowledgeable female voice captures a range of nurturing grandma to professorial authority. It's perfect for e-learning, video sales letters, and explainer videos. When voicing multiple characters, my vocal training and mastery of pitch allow me to voice everything from a queen to a little boy and more diverse characters like dragons and anteaters! No app or game character is out of scope.

My IMDB credits include indie films and a video game. My acting resume includes many plays and musicals. The best musical role was singing the role of the Mother Abbess in the Sound of Music for 29 shows! 

My body of work encompasses providing voices for Amazon Rapids app stories, narrating and producing over 50 audio books, explainer videos, video sales letters, eLearning, and a video game character or two. I record from my high-quality home studio, further streamlining the process for you.

The short video below showcases a few of the many ways I give your content heart and spirit. 

If you think I'd be a splendid match for your project, please contact me. Even better, get a short reading of your script right now, via Zoom.