Podcast - Stories about Life and Befuddlement

Striving to bring a giggle and weirdness to your day, this podcast’s mission is to feature fantastic writers whose wonderful stories deserve to be heard in audio. And it feeds my love of telling funny stories about life, befuddlement, and the odd adventures in life.

I have an affinity for the funny in the mundane, always have. I cataloged my weird adventures at the gym into a one-woman show that you can watch on my YouTube channel. It’s entitled Does This Happen to You at the Gym.

I got a lot of joy out of that, so I began writing about my adventures, now featured in the serial publication, Channillo. There was no way I could write enough for a weekly podcast, so I began telling funny stories by other writers. And I’m still at it.

You can subscribe to Does This Happen to You on YouTube and check out my written Does This Happen to You stories on WordPress or Kris Keppeler on Medium.

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My two season podcast, Through a Different Lens Working Toward an End to Jackass Management, sprang out of my passion to change how we lead today. I'm not only angry about the poor leadership we see in corporations, but in every area of our society. 
You can find a Facebook page for this podcast and I'd love to hear your comments. You will hear lots of great advice from women leaders and a few good men on how to run your business and find a life you enjoy. A way to handle our toxic workplaces and people. You can catch all 22 episodes on the RSS Feed.