I specialize in giving your book an extraordinary audio life, not just a pleasant tone. Reading your book and then narrating it with enthusiasm is my priority.
My experience includes narrating and producing over 50 audio books, most for publication on Audible.   I narrate and produce award-winning podcast weekly and received a nomination for outstanding storytelling best performance by the 2017 SOVAS awards.

Think you may want to narrate your own book but stuck somewhere in the process? I consult with authors to expedite their audio book process and get your book's audio version earning for you. Click here for special packages to get you unstuck no matter where you are in the process, even if you've already narrated your book! 

I specialize in giving nonfiction an extraordinary life by paying special attention to tone and pacing. For multiple character fiction books, my background as an actor gives me the ability to bring your characters to life with authentic voices.  I've voiced a dragon, a good wizard, more than one evil wizard, a prince, a princess, a fairy, and a villain who sounded like Speedy Gonzalez. 

My mature and nurturing voice lends itself to books in the spirituality, health and fitness, self development, and kids categories. 

I record in a quiet home studio to Audible standards. All I need is your book's word count to give you a quote.  Do you have a series with books of similar word counts? I narrate series like this for a flat fee so you will know the cost up front. 

The majority of the audio books I've narrated and produced have 4 star or above reviews. Visit my narrator page on Audible to listen to samples of how I  can bring your book to life. Type my name, Kris Keppeler, into "Search" to listen. Or listen to a few samples below from my SoundCloud playlist. 

Contact me with your book's word count, I'll give you a quote AND a short sample narration from your book so we ensure my voice is a good match to bring your book to life!